SDP’s Timo Harakka and Ville Skinnari: EU should initiate investigation of possible Israeli war crimes and promote an immediate ceasefire in Gaza


Israel's war in Gaza has continued for more than 200 days and caused more than 34,000 victims. Two former Social Democratic ministers, Mr. Timo Harakka and Mr. Ville Skinnari, strongly condemn Israel's military actions against the civilian population and call on the EU to take initiative to investigate possible war crimes.

”EU countries have historically had different approaches to Israel and Palestine. Now, however, the pressure to act is also increasing within the EU. The French foreign minister has initiated a discussion about possible sanctions on Israel, to enable humanitarian access to Gaza. Spain, on the other hand, demands EU countries to recognize the Palestinian state. Recently the G7 countries, including The United States and Canada, also called for a lasting ceasefire and releasing the hostages,” Skinnari states.

In the Gaza war, the victims are mainly women and children. According to the UN, a child dies or is injured in the war every 10 minutes. It is extremely alarming that mass graves have been found in two hospital areas. The UN demands a credible and transparent investigation into the mass graves, where some victims were found with their hands tied.

”Political differences of opinion between EU countries in relation to Israel and Palestine must not prevent defending a fully universal international law. Military action must be aimed at military targets and civilians must be protected. The EU should demand the investigation of mass graves together with the UN. Just as we condemn Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, we must investigate and condemn Israel’s possible war crimes in Gaza,” Harakka emphasizes.

”The EU must now quickly cooperate and demand concrete actions from Israel to protect the civilians in Gaza. More broadly, it is also about the EU’s credibility as an international actor and defender of international law.” Skinnari concludes.

Ville Skinnari
Member of Parliament, Finland

Timo Harakka
Member of Parliament, Finland

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