A safe world and a safe Finland

At the heart of SDP's international policy is supporting the rule-based multilateral world order to ensure peace and collective welfare of people. This order is now under threat and the ideal of peace has been challenged.

The foreign and security policy of Finland and the Social democrats has been based on systematic work to promote respecting international treaties and human rights, refraining from power politics, and supporting a world order based on trust.

In this situation, characterised by rising power politics and nationalism and increasing insecurity, this is ever more important, as only through cooperation can we tackle the existential challenges threatening the existence of the humankind caused by climate change, biodiversity loss, rising inequalities and global poverty, and weapons of mass destruction.

SDP pursues:

A safer world of cooperation

  • A strong international community based on a rule-based multilateral world order, with democratic organisations
  • Respect for human rights and international conventions everywhere in the world
  • Supporting Ukraine against the unlawful and brutal attack
  • An active and constructive role as a NATO member and maintaining Finland’s own defence as credible, modern and sufficiently resourced

Better preparedness for future crises

  • Stronger and more systematic preparedness for various states of emergency, also those we cannot yet prepare for
  • An active role in international organisations to support anticipation and preparedness

Promoting sustainable development goals globally

  • Raising Finland’s development cooperation contribution to 0.7 percent of GNI
  • Defending the rights of girls and women and promoting democracy everywhere in the world

A stronger and more social EU

  • Strengthening European unity, the rule of law, democracy and open decision-making
  • Raising the level of ambition in the EU’s joint objectives in climate crisis solutions, reaching strategic autonomy and strengthening workers’ rights alike

Overall security in the entire society

  • Establishing a functioning system of collective action in Finland
  • Improving the judicial system to improve the status of victims, shorten the duration of legal proceedings and facilitate processes
  • Ensuring the resources and reinforcing the capacity of the police and the rescue services, particularly in the investigation of such phenomena like financial crime, organised crime, cyber harassment, and hate crimes
  • Effective prevention of domestic violence and a ban on mediation in cases of domestic violence. An increase in shelter capacity and full implementation of the Istanbul Convention