We will promote sustainable development through practical cooperation

Official development aid alone is not enough to address global development challenges. The funding of sustainable development must be strengthened through the means of trade policy and development policy and cooperation. Finland must actively promote commitment to the global principles of sustainable development funding. We must participate in the development of international development funding structures, particularly those under the EU, to increase private funding according to the Agenda2030 goals. We need private funding and companies to participate in climate finance and support sustainable development in developing countries, while making sure that investments primarily target the poorest countries. In the coming government term, the operating conditions of Finnfund must be developed and ensured.

Finland and the EU must support democracy and equality by investing, in particular, in the social dimension of development policy in fragile countries. Providing basic security, raising the education level, and generating jobs are means to bring stability to people and entire societies. However, sustainable development is not given: it calls for political inclusion of women, young people, and minorities. Finland’s strong culture based on multi-agency and inclusion and our internationally high level of competence in education policy must be seen as assets. Our skills in the coordination of peace building, humanitarian aid, and development cooperation should be utilised more effectively in the management of prolonged crises.

Effective development cooperation

In addition to supporting fair and equal market developments, sustainable development challenges force us to help the most vulnerable people also through development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Finland must raise its development cooperation contribution to 0.7 percent of gross national income according to the agreed timetable. To help the most vulnerable people, it is also key that we rapidly raise our support to the least developed countries to at least 0.2 percent of GNI.

The EU is a global leader in development cooperation and it is important that the development policies of Finland and the EU support one another.